Canada’s 5,400 ice arenas and other infrastructure stats

By Steve Randall

A first of its kind report reveals the state of Canada’s infrastructure including the recreation and housing assets that enhance everyday life.

Statistics Canada and Infrastructure Canada have partnered on the report which reveals 5,400 ice arenas, over 4,700 pools and splash pads, and 2,182 libraries.

The mostly municipality-owned (98%) assets that help Canada’s neighbourhoods – and housing markets – thrive also include 4,400 arts and culture facilities and about 30,000 other facilities, consisting of sports fields, community centres, tennis courts, skate parks, curling rinks and stadiums.

Social housing led by Ontario
The figures relate to 2016 and show that Canadian governments (excluding Quebec) reported over 250,000 publicly-owned social and affordable housing units, situated in nearly 40,000 distinct structures.

Ontario led in the number of social and affordable housing units (127,064), followed by Alberta (33,870), British Columbia (22,124) and Saskatchewan (17,822).

Almost three quarters of the social housing stock was built before 2000 with 19% dating back to between 1940 and 1969.

While building owners reported that most of their social housing structures were in good or very good physical condition, around a third of apartment buildings with five or more storeys, semi-detached structures, and row houses were reported as being in poor or very poor condition.a

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