Canadian seniors should consider these markets south of the border

Canadian seniors considering a move south of the border may be tempted by the weather in Florida but a new report suggests other destinations may be better options.

With senior living requiring more than just sunny days, the report acknowledges that the fast-rising seniors population in the US – set to make up more than 20% of the population by 2035 – requires appropriate housing options to address their needs and socio-economic conditions.

The report notes that some markets are better able to meet these needs than others and ranks the Best and Worst Cities for Seniors to Live based on healthcare, housing options, community engagement, transportation, quality of life and workforce development.

“This comprehensive study is designed to help families and seniors understand and discuss the landscape for senior living in specific states, while also supporting our nation’s communities in better serving the growing population of seniors,” explained Jason Persinger, Caring’s Chief Digital Officer.

Among the 70 factors that the report considers are the various types of senior care available across the 50 states and DC, along with an analysis of their costs.

It also considered the options for the many seniors that will keep working.

“In addition to healthcare and housing options, we also thought it was important to look at states and cities with the best workforce development programs,” says Persinger. “Although some people completely retire at age 65, many seniors are forced to work part-time or take on a second career just to make ends meet.”

Best and worst for seniors
The 2019 Senior Living Report reveals that San Francisco is the best city for seniors followed by Fredericksburg and Washington, DC. The best states are New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

Top 10 Best Cities for Seniors to Live in the United States

1st – San Francisco

2nd – Fredericksburg

3rd – Washington DC

4th – Boston

5th – Brooklyn

6th – Woodland Hills

7th – Chapel Hill

8th – Santa Monica

9th – Queens

10th – New York

Top 10 Worst Cities for Seniors to Live in the United States

302nd – Rio Rancho

301st – Hemet

300th – Stockton

299th – Port Charlotte

298th – Cape Coral

297th – Prescott

296th – El Paso

295th – Cheyenne

294th – Palm Coast

293rd – Port St. Lucie

The full report can be seen here.

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