Change policies on zero-net homes

By Jamie Henry

A contractor in Newfoundland says the provincial government needs to make a change to its policy to allow homes to sell power back to the grid, reports

However, the contractor said the trouble is the homes won't be used to their greatest efficiency until government makes some legislative changes to allow people to sell power back to the system.

"Every province in Canada allows for net-zero housing except Newfoundland, and there's a barrier in that, law, whatever, that says that Hydro can't buy power," he said.

Jack Parsons, with K & P Contracting, said a home, developed for his daughter, can't be utilized to its full potential until government makes some policy changes to the power system.

Parsons said it's time for government to get on board with the idea, and make changes that will enable homeowners with net-zero capability to let their homes reach full efficiency.

, not only in Canada; there's more net-zero built in the States than in Canada," said Parsons.

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