Colliers announces new GreenSpace program

By Steve Randall

Colliers Real Estate Management Services has launched a new program to help building owners and occupants meet their sustainability goals.

GreenSpace has been developed by the firm’s sustainability team to help building users reduce their carbon, waste, and water footprints.

“We could not be happier with the launch of GreenSpace. This new program is a testament to Colliers’ commitment to sustainability and focuses on improvements and awareness for our staff, occupants and clients. We are very excited to grow the GreenSpace brand within the commercial real estate community and continue positioning ourselves as leaders in the industry,” says Phillip Raffi, National Energy & Sustainability Manager, Real Estate Management Services.

As part of the program, the team intends to launch an internal change management platform, along with a monthly corporate health and wellness newsletter.

“Over the last few years there has been a change in mindset, and rightfully so. We used to primarily focus on operational efficiency; the industry has now shifted to a focus on wellbeing and quality of life,” adds Raffi.

Cost savings
Colliers says that ‘going green’ is not just about the environment, there are also cost savings for building owners and tenants.

It cites the example of Upper Harbor Place I and II in Victoria, BC, which implemented lighting upgrades and HVAC optimization while pursuing LEED certification resulting in a cut in operating costs of $65,000 per year.


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