Former city planner in the running for Vancouver Mayor

When Vancouverites vote in their city’s mayoral elections in October they will have a wide range of options to replace incumbent Gregor Robertson.

While Mayor Robertson has said he won’t be seeking re-election, many are keen to take the role and housing policy will be a key issue on their list of priorities – and those of the voters.

Among those running is Patrick Condon, UBC professor of design and former city planner. He’d previously ruled himself out of the race but has reconsidered.

The Tyree reports that the COPE representative spoke at the party’s mayoral debate on Sunday and said: “I want to run for mayor because this city faces an existential crisis and too few are proposing real solutions. The crisis is in housing, or more specifically in the cost of land… Waves of global cash are crashing over our city washing us or more precisely, washing our children, off the land.”

Also running is Vision Vancouver’s Ian Campbell, hereditary chief who has been elected twice with the Squamish Nation. He has stepped down from the board of directors at MST Development Corporation to run for mayor.

The NPA candidate is Ken Sim, an entrepreneur who wants to attract new businesses and high-skilled workers to the city.

There are also several independents running.

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