Fraser Valley Realtors offers advice for pot growing

Fraser Valley Real Estate Board has launched an online source of information and advice regarding growing cannabis at home. is designed to help homeowners and buyers understand the potential impact of growing pot in a home and has been launched ahead of the expected legalization of cannabis later this year.

“Right now, there is a significant lack of clarity and information surrounding legal growth in the home – especially in regards to what is considered a healthy, safe standard,” said John Barbisan, President of the Board. “Our government needs to ensure that the public is aware of and has access to guidelines, restrictions, and proper processes so that they can make smart decisions when it comes to cannabis.”

Fraser Valley Realtors says there are three things the government should do:

  1. Further define the requirements for growing cannabis safely in homes
  2. Create a province-wide system for maintaining and accessing information on the status of illegal grow homes
  3. Outline a process whereby unsafe grow homes can be restored to healthy homes

“Growing cannabis in the home will have a considerable impact on home ownership and the real estate landscape. Through more comprehensive support and policies from government, our clients will be able to feel confident that the home they own or want to buy is safe.”



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