Is there a 3D-printed home in your future? is reporting a news story straight out of a science-fiction novel:  In the very near future, some homes will be constructed in as little as 20 hours using 3D imaging. 

Those houses will be built and customized, straight from the designer’s computer.  This inexpensive process will also make homes more affordable to lower-income families and can revolutionize housing in their neighborhoods.

All of these will be made possible by 3D printing.  Cement and the other materials used to build actual houses will be printed in three dimensions.

Behrokh Koshnevis, the owner of 3D printing firm Countour Crafting, explains the process: 

“The architectural design is basically sent to the machine directly; the material, which is cementitious – initially concrete – is deposited through a nozzle and the building is built layer by layer,” he says. “In the process, a lot of things can be done, including automatic reinforcement, automatic plumbing, automatic electrical network installation and once the basic structure is done there could be other automated processes that could do auxiliary operations such as finish work, tiling and even painting.”

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