Mortgage, real estate agents ’matchmaker’ platform launches

A new website which aims to connect home buyers and sellers with their ideal real estate professional has begun beta-testing in the Vancouver area.

Mortgage Sandbox says it is like a short version of the e-Harmony questionnaire, asking 10 simple questions to connect homebuyers to a selection of three mortgage brokers and three real estate agents that match their interests, values, and complementary work style.

"We make sure that none of the professionals on Match Finder have been disciplined by Canadian regulators,” said David Stroud, Founder and CEO of Mortgage Sandbox. “In the last decade, 300 British Columbian real estate agents have been disciplined, fined, and most went back to work. Your average Canadian doesn't know how to check if their realtor or broker is a bad apple, so we check for them," continued Stroud.

The company has already worked with mortgage and real estate professionals to understand what often goes wrong to help buyers avoid the pitfalls.

Resources for buyers

And the secure cloud-based mobile platform also provides interest rate and real estate forecasts and advanced home buying calculators, home buying guides and easy to understand reports on market trends.

"The tools are part of Mortgage Sandbox's ongoing commitment to build the most complete home buying advice platform on the market," added Stroud. "The beta program is dedicated to gathering feedback from users so that we can improve the product while rewarding participating home buyers and real estate professionals with better working relationships at no cost. It's FREE to use and explore."

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