Ontario real estate project plans to be a groundbreaker

A real estate project in Ontario aims to be “North America’s first sustainable, integrated, affordable and all-inclusive Community.”

The Orchard Park, Guelph development is being proposed by a new non-profit organization, Angel Oak Communities, and would create a residential and commercial community with 70 luxury apartments and 30 commercial units.

The affordable co-operative is possible with little or no government funding. Residents will have the option to buy or rent their homes with life leases. The building will use leading technology for energy efficiency and resource sustainability.

“A supportive, independent living co-operative model isn’t really a new idea, it’s how neighborhoods used to be,” says Project developer Mark Enchin “Our vision for the project is to create a fully integrated, all-inclusive community that welcomes seniors, working people, millennials, adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, and students – actually, anyone who is interested in living in a supported, caring and sustainable neighborhood.”

Enchin’s stepdaughter has autism and he says that he and her mother wanted to create a future for her that was more than just housing but an integrated community.

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