OREA calls for higher real estate agent education standards

The education program for real estate agents should be tougher and set North America-leading standards.

That’s the call from the Ontario Real Estate Association which says that current training for agents is outdated and should be replaced with a program that produces highly educated, well-trained and practice-ready professionals.

“Raising the professional standards of Ontario Realtors begins with improving the education that happens before becoming a licensed professional,” said Ettore Cardarelli, OREA President. “A stronger education program will better prepare salespeople for our increasingly complex real estate market, and the challenges that come with helping families through the biggest purchase of their lives.”

OREA’s Real Estate College was the sole provider of real estate education licensing prior to 2008 when the Real Estate Council of Ontario took control of the curriculum and standards. Since then, OREA says, the program has fallen behind.

“The current curriculum diminishes the importance of a Realtor, homes and property to Ontarians,” said Cardarelli. “Despite our best efforts to upgrade the standards by which real estate licensing education is granted, our hands have been tied since 2008 by RECO, the government regulator. This is our opportunity to have our recommendations for improving education considered and hopefully implemented.”

OREA has influenced the provincial government in its decision to review the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002 in a bid to improve standards.

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