Politics, people biggest risks for construction sector

A global survey of executives in the construction sector show that geopolitical risks and workforce management issues are the two biggest factors facing the industry.

Advisory and broking company Willis Towers Watson’s survey found that the c-suite cite uncertainty of government support and financing, postponement and delays, changes in strategy, and commitment to project pipelines, as the main geopolitical risk factors.

Meanwhile, requirement for digital skills, global employment networks under differing employment laws, and the challenge of attracting new talent, were all factors in the workforce management risk.

“The industry is vulnerable not just to the loss of data but also during the design stage, where the increase in the use of technology could lead to catastrophic results,” said Becker. “As technological uses grow, cyberthreat awareness and training should form part of any cybersecurity strategy, focusing on helping employees identify, report and mitigate an attack effectively.”

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