Scotiabank reassures customers of integrity

Following the recent allegations of shady selling practices in the financial sector, Scotiabank has given its customers reassurance that it is not something that its employees engage in.

With the FCAC launching a review of the business practices of the federally-regulated financial services sector, Canada’s largest mortgage lenders will be keen to instill confidence in their customers.

“Let us be very clear, we are deeply proud of our team of Scotiabankers, the service they provide and their determination to put our customers at the center of everything they do here in Canada and across our global footprint,” Scotiabank’s statement read. “Scotiabankers embody the values of our organization and as they work hard on behalf of our customers, they do so with integrity.”

The bank says that tellers do not have sales targets and its advisors provide “balanced advice based on their needs.”

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