The right buyer is more important than the price for this home seller

A home in Toronto’s Upper Beach neighbourhood will be sold to a buyer who fits the seller’s criteria even if that means a lower selling price.

The real estate listing says the home will be sold to a “deserving young family who will benefit from the neighbourhood and preserve and enrich the community.”

The Toronto Star reports that the seller is Kim Sirrine, whose father Robert Rafos owned the property but died in March.

She says that the right buyer is more important than the $875,000 price tag and prospective owners will need to submit a profile or letter explaining why it should become their home.

Sirrine says it was her late father’s wish that the home should be a family whose children will benefit from growing up in the community, which he considered more of an asset than the house itself.

“This is about putting a nice young family in there. We’re not interested in a bidding war or anything like that,” she told the Star.


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