Use your home to show national pride says OREA

As the national celebrates Canada Day this weekend, the Ontario Real Estate Association is urging homeowners to use their home to show their national pride.

The call comes as new research shows that Ontarians are proud of their homes, whether they were born in Canada or not.

“The unity between Ontarians, born here or not, reinforces the notion that home ownership truly is the Canadian Dream,” said Ettore Cardarelli, President of the Ontario Real Estate Association.

Among Ontarians born outside of Canada, 80 per cent say that home ownership is important to them, outweighing those born in Canada by 5 percentage points.

Foreign-born owners are also more likely to say owning a home gives them a sense of pride (83 per cent vs. 77 per cent) and that homeownership is a good investment (84 per cent vs. 81 per cent).

“We’d love to see a Canadian flag or any other kind of Canadian symbol on every lawn, porch, deck, garage or window this Canada Day,” said Cardarelli. “We have so much to be proud of as Canadians, and this small gesture is a wonderful way to unite our communities and show our gratitude for this amazing country. I’ll personally be waving my Canadian flag on my front lawn.”

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