Wage increases pick up pace in second half of 2017

Average weekly wages for non-farm payroll employees were up 2.8% in the 12 months to November with most of the increase in the second half of the year.

The month-over-month increase was 0.6% Statistics Canada reported, reaching $988. Workers put in extra hours though at 33.0 per week, up from 32.8 hours in October and 32.7 in November 2016.

Accommodation and food services (up 6.7% to $393), wholesale trade (up 6.5% to $1,230), and retail trade (up 5.2% to $575) saw the largest annual gains but 7 of the 10 main sector groups were higher.

Construction workers gained 2.1% to $1,243 per week while those in finance gained 5.3% to $1,350, although this latter rise was mainly in Ontario and mainly driven by credit intermediation and related activities.

Quebec led the overall gains in wages with 9 provinces reporting higher wages while Newfoundland & Labrador saw little change.

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