Warning over malware threat to brokers, agents

Three separate strains of malicious computer software, aka malware, are specifically targeting the financial services sector according to a new report.

Cybersecurity firm Lastline says that its analysis of millions of samples of malware has identified an unusually large number of incidents of the iSpy keylogger, a variant of the HawkEye logger which sends login or license key details of victims website, email, FTP, or software, to the hacker.

That could mean a hacker gaining access to personal data including financial information of brokers or clients, logins or licence keys for mortgage software or cloud-base products, and access to the business’ website.

The analysis has also identified malware delivered via Microsoft Office documents.

"We definitely detected a higher than usual incident of very sophisticated malware," commented Andy Norton, Lastline Director of Threat Intelligence and the report's author. "This is not surprising considering that finance has long been a target for cybercriminals and accordingly has elevated their security capabilities. Because of this, criminals are forced to up their game, which was very clearly seen in these recent samples."


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