Why blockchain could change the way buyers make offers

A US startup is launching a new high-tech way for real estate buyers to make offers via online listings.

ShelterZoom will go into beta launch south of the border later this month but plans to expand into Canada, Australia, the Middle East, South America and Europe later.

Built on the secure Ethereum blockchain technology, the platform operates via a mobile app and a widget that can be added to any real estate website. Buyers can then make an offer directly from the listing, quickly, transparently and securely.

Founder and co-director Amir Allen Alishani says the migration of real estate offers to the online realm is following the trend of consumers increasingly buying big-ticket items online. He says it will be a real benefit to real estate agents.

“It will offer a competitive advantage to real estate firms and professionals who seek to expand their market horizons and need greater speed, accuracy and transparency in the process,” he says.

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