You’re doing a bad job on housing affordability BC tells government

Housing affordability is the most important issue in British Columbia, beating healthcare, energy & pipelines, and the economy.

A report from Insights West shows that BC residents are three times more likely to cite housing affordability as the hot issue (36%) than healthcare (11%) while the economy is the top concern of just 7%.

The scorecard for BC Premier John Horgan shows a decline in approval after just over a year in office.

Housing affordability is a significant concern for the province’s younger residents, with the majority of those aged 18-34 (51%) saying that it is the most important issue facing the province. This issue also resonates more highly for Metro Vancouverites (47%) than the rest of BC.

Asked if they thought the BC government had done a good or bad job of handling house prices and housing affordability, 54% said ‘bad’ including 21% who said ‘very bad’; 24% said ‘good’ with just 2% saying ‘very good’; 24% weren’t sure.

These were among the provincial government’s lowest rankings along with homelessness and poverty.

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