The dream of an Iraqi family to move into a larger city-subsidized home - since living in Canada from 2001 - has turned out to be a horrific nightmare.
Zaynab Samir was about to leave their two-bedroom home with her husband and four youngsters until she learned that the house they were being offered was the site of an alleged murder. It was believed that victim Lisa Mitchell was killed by her common-law husband who hid her remains in the house for years.
Samir’s family was on a Calgary Housing Co. waiting list and was all set to occupy the duplex in Ogden.
"When I found out, I actually cried," said the 29-year-old mother.
Samir confirmed her suspicions about the home’s history when she searched the address of their new home on in the Internet, where it was reported to be a crime scene.
Samir added that the Calgary Housing Co. official seemed to be eager to have her sign rental papers and gave no answers to her concerns.
"Under normal circumstances, the history of the unit is not part of the conversation," the group’s spokesman Darren Nimegeers said. "Given the circumstances in this situation, management has directed any information or background we're aware of be disclosed."
He assured that the family’s priority status in the waiting list will not be affected. 

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