Transportation facilities in the Greater Toronto Area are failing to meet the diverse needs of today’s commuters according to a report from Deloitte.

It found that 65 per cent of commuters drive to work as it is faster than using transit services as 54 per cent of the GTA’s office buildings are too far from stations.

With changes for both residential and commercial real estate, a rethink of transportation facilities is needed to meet increasing diversity.

“The commuter is missing from today’s conversation,” said Ryan Brain, Deloitte’s Managing Partner for the Toronto Region. “We see opportunity to focus on understanding—and fulfilling—the diverse needs of people grappling with how to get to and from work efficiently, now knowing that time is often the ultimate deciding factor in determining one’s commute.”

Deloitte’s report says that over the next 30 years, the GTA is expected to create one million new jobs in locations that do not yet exist or may not be confined to a corporate location at all.

The firm is encouraging a ‘bottom-up’ approach to planning which will centre on the needs of commuters.

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