The Bloomberg Nanos index of Canadian consumer confidence has remained relatively stable for the week to May 29. The main index slipped slightly from its year-to-date high of 56.87 to 56.69. The sub-indexes are more revealing with confidence increasing in real estate and the Canadian economy, but slipping slightly in job security and personal finances. However the percentage of those feeling positive in individual metrics increased in all but job security.

The percentage of those who feel that their personal finances including mortgages will be better in six months was up to 22.13 although still outweighed by those expecting them to be worse (25.31 per cent) while 50.45 expect little change. On real estate prices 34.76 per cent are expecting values to be higher in six months compared to 19.96 per cent who expect them to be lower and 46.28 per cent who say they will be the same.

The economic mood is higher in those who own their homes compared to renters; in all age groups except 30-39; and in Quebec and Ontario. Those earning between $15,000 and $45,000 are less optimistic than those in other income brackets. 

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