A survey of consumer confidence is still wavering on the low side with optimism about real estate prices, job security and personal finance including mortgages all lower. Confidence in the economy as a whole has nudged slightly higher though. The Bloomberg/Nanos weekly index was 53.23 for the week to Sept. 18th, still below the 2015 average of 55.09 but above the year’s low of 52.04.

“Real estate is a key pillar of economic confidence for many Canadians but positive sentiment on this important measure has been trending lower in Canada”, said Nanos Research Group Chairman Nik Nanos. Asked if home prices would be higher in 6 months 31.49 per cent said they would compared to 32.04 per cent a week earlier; the average for this metric for 2015 is 34.11. Renters were more confident overall than homeowners.

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