Government-imposed costs on new homes is an increasing concern and is hurting affordability in cities across Canada, the head of a national housing association told the Calgary Herald.

Bard Golightly is the new national president of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

Phrases such as “growth must pay for itself” are often used “to justify loading an ever-broader array of taxes, fees, levies and charges onto the price of a new home, and into the mortgages of new homebuyers,” says Golightly.

“What gets ignored is how these soaring taxes impact new home prices, existing home prices and reduce the homeownership prospects of younger Canadians,” he adds.

New homebuyers represent just more than one per cent of homeowners in a given year, says Golightly, adding, “they should pay their fair share, not everyone’s share.

He maintains high Canadian rates of homeownership help support the financial success of our country. “Today, that process is under threat.”

However, the association sees reasons for optimism, he adds. Golightly says some municipalities are working closely with homebuilder associations to determine a “fair and equitable” approach to development charges.

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