Members of Alterna Savings will be able to search for homes while on the lender’s website.

A partnership with NestReady gives home search functionality and seamless connection with real estate agents, along with searching for the best rates and mortgage solutions from Alterna Savings.

"Thanks to our partnership with NestReady, we're empowering today's homebuyers who use the internet as their primary resource to search for their dream home. From scoping out the best property, to learning about real estate services and financing options, the internet is where we all start our homebuying journey. Our members can now use NestReady's new homebuying tool and when they're ready, come into one of our 32 branches in Ontario and speak with a specialist." said Rob Paterson, Alterna Savings President and CEO.

Alterna has more than 158,000 members and operates through 32 credit union branches across Ontario. Its Alterna Bank offers an end-to-end digital mortgage experience and has already been working with NestReady.

"After a successful partnership with Alterna Bank, we are proud to now be serving Alterna Savings members and empowering their branches with NestReady's digital homebuying solution," said Marcos Carvalho, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at NestReady.


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