A new report reveals the spending habits of Canadian households and how an average $62,183 is shared between goods and services nationwide.

The figure for 2016 from Statistics Canada was released Wednesday and shows a 2.5% rise in spending from 2015, driven by Ontario and Quebec households.

Those in Ontario spent 5.6% more year-over-year ($66,220) while Qubece households increased spending by 4.5% to $52,447.

Households nationwide spent an average $18,032 on shelter costs, which was 29% of their total consumption in 2016, the same share as in 2015. However, those in the 20% lowest income bracket spent an average 35.1% on shelter compared to 27.3% for those with the top 20% of income.

For all household spending, Albertans spent the most on goods and services with an average $74,044 while those in New Brunswick spent the least at $50,175.

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