Home owners, lenders and the general property consumers will be far smarter and more information-savvy than usual in 2014, predicts Robert Lister of The Daily Globe and Mail.  This means that mortgage lenders who prefer a more uninformed market better be on their toes.
Thanks to the internet, consumers in 2014 will come to the table fully equipped with data they have picked up from blogs, mortgage web sites, online forums,  news portals, and other mortgage tools.  They also read the fine print when it comes to those small but important things like penalties and refinance restrictions.
One thing that these consumers will also  prefer this new year are hybrid mortgages.  The equal mixture of mixed mortgages and flexible mortgages are a bedrock of security for them, given the constant government warning of higher interest rates the past four years. While the increase has not yet materialized, consumers still believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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