Residents of one neighbourhood in Calgary are complaining that a development of affordable housing will hit the value of their homes.

The 16-unit housing project in Rosedale is to be built on city-owned land but the City of Calgary has received a number of emails from existing residents who are concerned – and in some cases angry – about the plans.

Some say that they have not been consulted: “Has this been thought through? Has anyone considered the effect that these units might have on the value of our homes?”

Others highlight the investment they have made in the community: “I am VERY concerned about the impact this development could have on the character of the community, on property values and on the precedent(s) that may be set by introducing these types of homes.”

But the project also has its supporters: “I support affordable housing and secondary suites and think we should have those opportunities in Rosedale. However, I know it's a touchy subject in our neighbourhood so I'd rather remain anonymous on those subjects.”

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