Are children unwelcome in Canada’s rental homes? A report from CBC suggests that could be the case in many instances as those responding to rental advertising find that kids are often the issue that breaks the deal, despite it being illegal. The Ontario Human Rights Commission says that landlords have very few options when it comes to renting out property. If they live in the property and will be sharing a kitchen or bathroom with their tenants they can have a say on who can rent; homes for seniors and those with care needs are also exceptions to the law; otherwise discrimination legislation applies.

Race, religion, income, even pets are not reasons for discriminating against tenants – neither is having children. And yet many adverts for rental properties include phrases that aim to dissuade families: “Would suit professional”, “quiet building”, “suitable for mature couple”, etc.

Annie Hodgins of the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation said that the aversion of some landlords to families means that those renters can end up in sub-standard properties due to the tight rental market.

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