While Realtors and mortgage brokers are often at odds with each other over various topics, they both agree with a proposal from the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors calling for a registry for former drug houses, reports MortgageBrokerNews.ca.

“A lot of us think … here in Saskatchewan (that) this kind of thing doesn’t happen,” Bill Madder, the association’s CEO, said in an interview with Global News. “But we know it’s here and there are definite impacts on properties.”

The proposal has won the approval of brokers, who say that having such a registry in place will nicely complement the one already enacted by the OPP.

Concerns about the health and safety issues of a owning a house previously used as a grow-op have also been well documented. In fact, some cities and towns across the country have gone as far as demolishing buildings known to have housed grow-ops, due to their bad reputation within the community, and relativel difficulty to sell.

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