Our cities are growing all the time, populations are booming and people want to live downtown. The relative affordability and availability of condos, especially for young professionals, has seen a growth in people staying put as their lives change.

Living in a downtown condo until you get married and start a family is not the first choice for many Canadians now. While it might mean a tighter squeeze as the family grows, many are now staying in their condo developments, partly due to budgets but also because they love their lifestyle.

It’s led to a growing phenomena; Condo Kid; living in the city in a ‘den’ which was once called an alcove. Their neighbours may be other kids, or they may be single young professionals, who may in a few years also settle down and add another condo kid to the neighbourhood.

It’s one way that our communities are adapting to the needs and necessities of modern life in Canada.

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