A developer being required to contribute to the community’s infrastructure is nothing new, but it does seem a little bizarre when that means building a disconnected sidewalk alongside the Yellowhead Highway in the small BC town of Smithers.

Business owner Trevor Bruintjes has upgraded his premises on Frontage Road in the town and council bylaws insisted that the 100 foot stretch of sidewalk was built, even though it does not connect with anything on either side.

The Province, which has a picture of the sidewalk, reports that the town’s mayor agrees that it may look comical but stands by the principal: “…past councils and this one have committed to improving the walkability along that corridor. The way we do that is through development.”

Bruintjes says he had offered to give the council the $10,000 cash it cost him to build the path so they could spend it upgrading other sidewalks, but it refused.

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