Red tape must be cut to ease supply issues in the Greater Toronto Area and allow builders to produce more homes.

That’s the rallying cry of Richard Lyall, president of builders’ organization RESCON, who says that first-time buyers desperately need help to enter the housing market.

“In my opinion, there has never been more urgency to help new home buyers (especially millennials) in the GTHA get into housing they can afford,” Lyall wrote in an article for The Saturday Sun.

Mr Lyall is calling on Ontario’s new premier Doug Ford to take action to to help housing supply including the removal of the “waste, barriers, and duplication” of bureaucracy.

He says the housing approvals process should be streamlined; and government should support efficiency-innovations on construction sites to make them more productive.

The RESCON leader also wants Ford’s administration to cut the charges associated with new homes so that buyers of new homes are not paying development charges that go beyond what’s reasonable.

“They cut the legs out from under the next generation,” Lyall wrote.

He concludes his piece in The Saturday Sun by saying that Doug Ford has a chance to prove that he can try something new for the GTA’s housing market.


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