Mortgage repayment calculator

This calculator computes your possible monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly payments by examining your requested loan amount, your interest rate, and the length of your loan.


Amortization Period: 30 years, Repayment frequency: Monthly


About the Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Once a home buyer obtains a mortgage or home loan, the journey to pay it off officially begins. To get a snapshot of what your payments will look like, use our handy calculator.

The Mortgage Repayment Calculator is an invaluable tool to help you budget for your journey towards homeownership. Provide the needed information such as the amount of your mortgage, amortization, frequency of payments, interest rate, and your mortgage type to determine the amount you need to pay monthly your mortgage. It’s that easy!

Calculating your mortgage payment is one of the first steps to paying off your mortgage, serving as a crucial building point. However, make sure to schedule a meeting with your mortgage broker and discuss your mortgage and its required payments.

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