Canadians are obsessed with real estate: Poll

Oh, there’s so much to think about these days, but it seems there’s one topic frequently on the minds of 84 per cent of Canadians – real estate.

In fact, according to the results of a new poll conducted by Abacus Data for, people across the country are downright obsessed with the topic.

“In ever-increasing ways, Canadians seem almost obsessed with real estate,” Carolyn Beatty, president of Zoocasa, said in a release. “And it’s understandable. For the vast majority of Canadians, their home is the largest purchase they will make in their lifetime.”

The findings of the 1,000-respondent poll indicate that 84 per cent of Canadians think about real estate on a regular basis, while 85 per cent have either purchased a home or actively searched for one in the past year.

The poll also revealed that 34 per cent of Canadians considered themselves or a close relative as “obsessed” with real estate. This figure increased to 47 per cent in the Greater Toronto Area, home to the country’s second-highest house prices.


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