Dream big, but buy reality

When thinking of purchasing our first home oftentimes images of a white picket fence complete with a rose garden and swing can come to mind. The reality may be a completely different experience altogether. Keeping our expectations in check might be the single-most important factor that can determine our overall experience and the actual outcome.

Diving into your first home purchase with unrealistic expectations is like eating your dinner with a blindfold on. You might be able to achieve your goal but it’ll be a frustrating and lengthy experience. Working with a professional such as a mortgage agent can help you understand what to expect the process to be like.

Start by writing down your top must-haves, ask yourself questions like whether you want a two-storey, single detached home or if a townhouse is suitable? Do you have to be right by a school or are you looking to walk to work? Once you know what you want to buy your agent can help you figure out what you can afford to buy.

Building a realistic plan, which includes a budget so you’re prepared for any added expenses, is extremely important. Having a plan in place gives you insight into whether your expectations are realistic or if you need to make some adjustments.

If you find that your budget is short on funds try and find ways to close the gap or reevaluate your needs. Perhaps renting out a part of your home can help bring in extra income or should you wait a little longer so you’re able to save up more money?

Remember keeping that blindfold on will only delay and sometimes end the process altogether. Thinking outside the box and making compromises will get you to your goal of home ownership sooner.

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