Refinance Mortgage Calculator

Refinancing your mortgage is a process that allows you to change the terms of your current mortgage. If you refinance, you can take advantage of lower interest rates, but you may also end up paying a lot of money for fees because you’re breaking your existing mortgage for a new one. It’s hard to decide when the right time is to refinance, but our mortgage refinance calculator can help make the decision easier by showing you any savings that you could realize in your monthly payments if you do refinance. You can then compare those savings to the fees that your lender will charge you to finance – if any – and have a clearer indication of whether or not refinancing makes sense for you.

Current principal balance of your mortgage:
Amount of your monthly mortgage payment:
your mortgage's current interest rate:
interest rate you will be refinancing at:
the number of years you will be refinancing for:
the closing costs that will be required for refinancing:

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