To simplify the mortgage application process, Zolo Realty, in partnership with Broker Financial Group, has recently launched Zolo Mortgages, an online mortgage portfolio.

The act of purchasing a home is thrilling yet stressful experience.  As a matter of fact, the Mortgage Professionals of Canada released a study revealing that around 100,000 Canadians were restrained from buying a place in 2018, due to the new mortgage stress test.

With Zolo Mortgages, the hope is that buyers can obtain direct access to more than 900 real estate agents over more than 60 brokerages across Ontario.

“It’s hard for us, as professional real estate agents, to spend days, weeks, even months helping our buyer find the perfect place only to have their dreams smashed because of strict finance qualification rules,” said President of Zolo Realty Mustafa Abbasi.

”By working with Zolo, these buyers get a seamless, integrated and holistic approach, which is necessary given that the days of easy credit and super-fast housing sales won’t be around forever,” he added.

To date, over five million homebuyers have already begun searching for properties using Zolo. Now, buyers are able to make better-informed decisions using real-time data and professional expertise, as well the other resources that the product offers.

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