Affordable housing opens in Vermilion

The federal government and the provincial government of Alberta unveiled a new affordable housing option for seniors in Vermilion.

The Vermilion Valley Lodge is a 124-unit housing development that sits 200 kilometres east of Edmonton. It aims to offer housing for seniors with low income and provide home care and other services to its residents.

"Senior citizens have brought so many contributions to our society. Making sure that they have safe and affordable housing is one way to give back to them," said Ahmed Hussen, minister of families, children and social development.

The Vermilion community raised $1.5m to furnish the lodge. Vermilion Mayor Caroline McAuley said this effort will ensure that seniors can continue to live safely and independently in their chosen community.

"Our community is excited to celebrate the modernization of our lodge, which will provide a home to our seniors for many generations. The response from residents and the community at large has been overwhelmingly positive and the residents love their new home," she said.

The Vermilion Valley Lodge is part of the federal government's National Housing Strategy (NHS), which aims to create 125,000 new housing units and provide housing needs to 530,000 families.

The $55bn plan also aims to renew 300,000 housing units and lower chronic homelessness by 50%.

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