Mortgage delinquency rates highest in the Prairies – CMHC

Mortgage delinquencies in the Prairies are the highest in the country, according to a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) report.

CMHC’s report used data from credit bureau Equifax to show that through the first quarter of 2019, Regina had a 0.65% mortgage delinquency rate. Meanwhile, Saskatoon had 0.58%, Edmonton had 0.56%, Calgary had 0.35%, and Winnipeg had 0.29%.

Except for Calgary, all the regions selected in the report showed rates that matched or exceeded five-year highs.

The report cited downward pressure in home prices and higher mortgage rates as the main culprits behind the trends in Saskatchewan. Christian Arkilley, CMHC’s economic analyst, said that the root cause behind it all is the downturn in the oil and gas industry.

“If there’s a shift from oil and gas to other industries, they may not earn as much as they used to in oil and gas, and that may add some shock to their income,” Arkilley said.

The report also showed that fluctuations in mortgage delinquency rates are tied to loan amounts. For instance, for loans less than $100,000, delinquency rates in Regina are 0.79%.

Despite the slight increase in mortgage delinquencies, the report said that personal credit scores in the Prairies remain high. Scores range from 759 to 765 – numbers considered “excellent,” according to Global News.

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