Here's how you can save on renovation costs

Canadians looking to renovate their homes without breaking the bank should check out salvage stores for quality furniture and fixtures with low price tags, according to experts.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a supplier repurposed house items. Despite being around for almost three decades, ReStore is still "kind of a secret" or a trick not all homeowners know, said Rob Lee, vice president of ReStore operations.

There are many local ReStores across Canada where homeowners can search for the items they need for their renovation projects. ReStores allow homeowners to donate used furniture, fixtures, and building materials and offers repurposed items for sale. Some items are listed on their website.

"You don't have to use all our items but you may be able to factor some of those items into your renovation," Lee said in a report in The Canadian Press.

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Other salvage stores, like BD Salvage and Reconstruction in Hamilton, also offer repurposed items like iron tubs, porcelain sinks, flooring, and doors for reasonable costs. Some "statement items", however, are offered at higher prices.

"You can go out and buy $125 hardcore door or a $125 solid wood door, but you're going to have to put a little work into it," John Parcher, operations manager for BD Salvage and Reconstruction, said. "It's a treasure hunt when you're doing it."

Aside from being able to save on renovation costs, Parcher said homeowners who consider salvage stores can also help the environment.

"I think we have more of a green story to tell because you're not creating a new footprint, the footprint was already created when the items were built," he said.

According to a recent study by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), around 25% of Canadians refinanced their home loans to fund their renovation projects.

More than half of Canadians said they want to renovate and customise their home to meet their needs and preferences. In terms of budget, the expected renovation cost is around $18,000.

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